Android Touch Screens?

Auto Date Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


A lot of Android users are happy with their own touchscreen mobile phones, now what will happen if Android makes a touch screen LCD? Will it get the same praises as the phones they’ve created? There are a lot of monitor makers that are considering the production of this kind of gadget. It will be twice as expensive as a regular LCD, but it will also be twice as fun.

Companies are considering this because people nowadays prefer the use of smartphones and tablets. LCD sales have dropped steadily in the past few years. WitsView, one of the LCD makers in the market want to tap into this venture saying “An Android LCD monitor is a LCD monitor equipped with the ARM processor, featuring the Android operating system, and adjustable to a horizontal angle on top of the touch function and WiFi, which can be regarded as a simple version of a large-sized tablet.” As a consumer, will you be interested in buying one?


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