Sharps New LCD

Auto Date Friday, April 26th, 2013


Japanese multinational corporation, Sharp, just launched their newest product. The new large format monitor PN-R903 90-inch professional is now out and available in the market. The target people to get this LCD monitor are the ones who have club, bars, pubs, or anything that will have the need for power and longevity.

This LCD is ideal for 24 hour use, which means something that is for a commercial setting. It is large, measuring 2.05 x 1.2 meters, making it the largest available LCD in the Australian Market. It can be set up vertically or horizontally and it would work perfectly fine both ways.

Spokesperson of Sharp corporation Australia said “Pubs and clubs have positioned themselves as the entertainment hub within the community, providing entertainment and sporting zones using large screen technology. Sharp has recognized the growth in this sector and by developing large single panel displays has made installation and implementation so much easier.” 

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