HiColor Technology

Auto Date Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

HiColor Technology has been successfully developed by AUO using CCFL backlights to increase color saturation by 33% as compared to conventional LCD screens. Following the latest development trend in LEDs, AUO developed HiColor using RGB LED backlights, which can reach 105% NTSC while providing natural performance of red, green and blue lights and enabling rich, bright, and vivid display colors.

AUO also developed several techniques to improve LED backlights’ image performance. For instance, Color Management eliminates artificial color caused by inconsistencies between the signal and the light source. The intensity of the RGB LEDs can be changed using the Flexible Color Temperature Setting without losing luminance. Other advantages of HiColor Technology includes instant light, mercury and lead free, low temperature start, faster response time, and vibration and shock safe.


Auto Date Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

LCDコンピュータ・スクリーンはアクティブ・マトリックス偏光子とパネルから構成されています。 パネルと偏光子を重ねると、電気的に制御された画素レベルの光フィルターとして作用できるようになります。 アクティブ・マトリックスパネルと偏光子はバックライトの上に直接設置されています。バックライトは通常、冷陰極クランプまたは冷陰極管(CCFL)から成り、広い面積を均一にカバーする光源です。CCFLと共に導光板と拡散板が設置されています。ドライバICが縦横にパネルに接続されます。パネルは画像データを表示処理します。これらのICはディスプレイエレクトロニクスによって動かされます。

Coming of LCDs

Auto Date Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

The evolution of computer monitors brings us closer to the future…Today, it has become thinner and lighter.

The liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat display device made up of any number of color or monochrome pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector. It is used in battery-powered electronic devices because it uses very small amounts of electric power.

LCD monitors have changed the computer industry’s productivity. If you want style, grace, portability and spectacular image quality, you’ll get it all with an LCD monitor. It is attractive with thin-bezel design has captured people who values style and substance. Consequently, nearly everyone is shifting their preference from CRT monitors to LCD PC monitors.

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LCD vs. CRT パート3

Auto Date Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014


6. LCDディスプレイでは、モーションブラーが生じる場合がある。 通常、CRTディスプレイは動画をより美しく表示できる。
7. LCDディスプレイでは明るさのピークはバックライトにより制限される。静止画像や動画が平坦に見えることがある。CRTディスプレイでは、明るさのピークが高く、映画、ビデオや写真に「生々しさ」と「光彩」を与えることができる。
8. LCDディスプレイでは「ドット落ち」が生じる傾向がある。一方で、CRTディスプレイは画素ベースではないので、この問題を全く生じない。
9. LCDディスプレイは、解像度が固定されているが、CRTディスプレイは複数の解像度を同等にサポートできる。

Sony’s Newest LCD Monitor

Auto Date Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Sony is keeping up with developing advanced technology and a proof of that is the debut of their PVM-X300 4K LCD monitor next month in London at the BVE (Broadcast Video Expo) which will start on February 26 and will run for 3 days. This debut is much awaited since the LCD monitor is promising great capabilities. This 30-inch 4096 x 2160 resolution monitor supports 4K monitoring in the field. The PVM-X300′s 30-inch 4K LCD panel can display over four times the Full HD resolution in a single screen! It guarantees excellent color and picture quality. This monitor is not just great for any home but also has the quality that can be used for 4K Cinema production and 4k live production. Which makes this product perfect for people in the movie making/filming industry. There is still no word as to how much this product will be when it goes on sale.

 PVM-X300 Interfaces:

- 3G/HD-SDI x 4 inputs with monitor out

- HDMI x 4 inputs

- DisplayPort x 2 inputs



Energy saving LCDs

Auto Date Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

You can save energy using a more efficient monitor…the LCD.

Choosing an ultra high efficiency LCD monitor can reduce your energy usage, even over other LCD monitors. The ultra high efficiency monitors use up to 80% less energy than an average CRT monitor.

You can actually save 520 kWh/year by switching from your old CRT to ultra high efficiency LCD monitor or the qualifying monitor. You can even save 360 kWh/year by switching from a standard LCD monitor to ultra high efficiency LCD monitor. Qualifying monitors can also eliminate about 1000 lbs. of CO2 emissions over the lifespan of the monitor

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LCDディスプレーのメンテナンス: 考慮すべき点 パート1

Auto Date Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

1. LCDディスプレイの明るさと応答速度は設置場所の温度により影響を受ける。摂氏10度ほどの低温の環境ではLCDディスプレイは適切に表示できない可能性がある。
2. 高湿度または高温の環境下では、LCDディスプレイの寿命が短くなる可能性がある。
3. 温度の急激な変化は、LCDディスプレイの偏光子に影響を及ぼし、品質を損ねる場合がある。

Save on LCDs

Auto Date Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Save your eyes with reduced glare of LCD. An LCD monitor has uniform screen brightness and there is no flicker, you would not experience glare and eye strain compared to a CRT. The high definition LCD technology is excellent for everything you do, whether you’re working on graphics or spreadsheets, playing games, watching video or just doing word processing.

Save your back as you work on your laptop or computer. The 19-inch CRT weighs about 46 pounds while LCD only weighs 12 pounds. When it’s time to move it, your back will thank you.

Save enough space on your desk with your sleek LCD. The new ultra high efficiency LCD monitor is better in so many ways, it’s bright, has a colorful display, and perfect for any application. The small size and light weight equipment will work just about anywhere you go.

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What does “native resolution” mean?

Auto Date Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

LCD monitors display information well at only the resolution they are designed for, which is known as the native resolution. Digital displays address each individual pixel using a fixed matrix of horizontal and vertical dots. If you change the resolution settings, even if you actually lessen the resolution, the LCD scales the image and the quality suffers. Native resolutions are typically:

  • 17 inch = 1024×768
  • 19 inch = 1280×1024
  • 20 inch = 1600×1200

LCDディスプレーのメンテナンス: 考慮すべき点 パート2

Auto Date Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

1. LCDディスプレイにほこりがたまると、内部でショートを引き起こす可能性がある。これにより誤動作を生じる可能性がある。
2. LCDディスプレイは、何らかの液体をこぼしてしまったり、湿気による影響で変色する場合がある。液体が内部に入ってしまうと、電気的な不具合と腐食を引き起こし誤動作につながる。